General Reception Hours


Medication,Injection,Follow-up consultation : AM 8:30~11:30 PM 15:30~18:30
Initial Diagnosis or new symptoms: AM 8:30〜10:30 PM :15:30〜18:00
All are accepted until 11:30 on Thursday and Saturday.

The starting times are different from doctors.
It will be delayed due to traffic jam or Operations.

The Consultation Order is random depending on patients symptoms.
Thank you for your understanding.

Information about Rehabilitation

After consultation, the doctor prescribes rehabilitation if necessary.

Undertaking Rehabilitation by physical therapist, you need booking.
Undertaking only physical therapy(electrotherapy, hydrotherapy,etc),no reservation required.

tel 052-589-1608 (For rehabilitation reservations only)

Reservation deadline: Until the day before reservation date

Reservation reception time:
Mon, Tue, Wed and Fri 8:30~18:30
Thu and Sat 8:30~11:30

Be sure to call us in case of cancellation or change